Getting discovered as an artist can be done in as little as four steps…as long as you put in the work.


Putting yourself out there as a creative individual can be challenging, because it’s always hard to share something you’ve worked so hard on with people who are going to critique and judge the final result. Once you move past that initial fear, you can focus on building a career and getting as many eyes and ears on your work as possible. Think of your art or music like a business that needs to have a strategy in order to succeed, only you’re running the entire show. Creating a marketing plan is a major aspect of being discovered, because you need to showcase your identity and personality as well as your work; you’ll also need to cover the legal aspects of running a creative business so you’ll have peace of mind.


Choose a business structure


While most artists would prefer to focus on the creative side of things, taking care of tax responsibilities and registering as a business is also a necessity if you’re going to be earning money. Forming a business structure can help protect you in the event of litigation or other legal issues, and it can also provide tax benefits. Registering your business entity will allow you to pay local taxes as a self-employed individual. While you can take care of these details yourself, there are services available that will handle filing the paperwork for you and provide you with all the legal documents necessary so you’ll have peace of mind that everything is taken care of.


Use flyers, social media, and other channels in equal measure


Once your business is set up, it’s crucial to learn how to properly market yourself as an artist. When it comes to your marketing strategy, you’ll want to make sure you’re not focusing on just one method. Digital marketing techniques–such as email newsletters and social media ads–are obviously a crucial component. You can create a Facebook ad for free using an online ads maker. Once you choose a template, you can customize it to add your own copy, design elements, colors, and images.


It’s also beneficial to try out more traditional methods, too. These are typically pretty cost-efficient and simple to put together, such as a flyer that you can hand out or post in specific locations. Flyers are perfect for musicians who need to advertise an upcoming show because they provide a lot of information using an eye-catching medium.


Show, don’t tell


As you learn more about marketing your creative talents, it’s important not to forget that you need to show people what you’re all about rather than just telling them. Sure, a great ad might reel people in, but how do you keep them interested? Posting videos of your work on spaces like YouTube or TikTok is a great way to build a following and keep them coming back. It’s also a good idea to look for both industry and local opportunities where you might find a new audience, such as festivals and live events.


Support other artists


As with running any business, it’s imperative that you get out there and make connections. The right marketing and branding campaign will help immensely, but you should also be supporting other artists as much as possible, both online and in-person. Go to shows, share their social media posts, and introduce yourself. You never know when an opportunity might come your way from another creative, whether they’re working in the same medium as you or not.


Getting discovered is a dream come true for so many artists, and these days it’s a bit easier to do because of all the resources available. By taking control of your marketing strategy with budget-friendly flyers and forming a solid business structure, you can find success in no time.


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Photo via YSOP International